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Twin Ponds is a small nursery in Rhinebeck, NY developed by Meg Crawford who purchased the land in 1990 with this intention. Twin Ponds has an eclectic selection of sustainably grown ornamental perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees particularly adaptable to Hudson Valley soils and climate.  These established plants formerly the backbone of our designs  now instead of being dug up are being harvested for cuts. The property is graced by two ponds which provide water as well as beautiful views from the nursery. It is a lovely place to visit throughout the gardening year changing with every season.Meg studied landscape design and got her degree in horticulture in the Boston area in the late 1980’s, before moving to the Hudson valley in 1990 where she founded Twin Ponds  Nursery  in 1992. For 25 years she has offered consultation, design, and installation services. Now she is adding cut flowers .

She has a strong interest in the importance of biodiversity , native plant material, and sustainability.  To educate homeowners in the care of their gardens and  to help them realize the potential in their landscapes is a high priority. Now  in addition to our landscaping services, TwinPonds Flowers will offer hudson valley residents seasonal, organic flowers , branches and greens all grown on our property to grace their homes and special events.

Meg carries her interest in horticulture and landscaping  beyond her business and nursery. She is the chairman of the Rhinebeck Village Tree Commission, and of the landscape committee at Wilderstein Preservation.


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